Life is noisy!  Barking dogs, leaf blowers, pool parties and construction are all part of living next door to people.  Below is the City ordinance that provides the time the noise ordinance is enforced, definitions and fines.  The Noise Ordinance is enforced by the San Antonio Police Department.  


Division 1, Section 21-51: Daytime/evening shall mean the hours between six o'clock a.m. and ten o'clock p.m., Sunday through Thursday and six o'clock a.m. and eleven o'clock p.m. Friday and Saturday.

Division 2, Section 21-68: Noise nuisance shall mean any loud, irritating, vexing or disturbing sound originating from a nearby property under separate ownership which causes injury, discomfort, or distress of a person of reasonable nervous sensibilities, or any sound that exceeds the maximum permitted sound levels specified in subsections 21-52(a) (6)(b), (9)—(12), and 21-60(b).

Section 21-80: Citations by the police can result in a fine from $100 up to $2,000 in addition to civil or criminal penalties.

- Cherise Bell