Every five years the City reviews its Unified Development Code (UDC) and reviews input from staff and citizens. KWA requested adding a noise restriction to commercial properties similar to the “no alcohol” restriction. After review by many commissions, City Council approved adding NR as part of the UDC update.

Two zoning cases went before City Council on August 4: 1009 S. Alamo and 1811 S. Alamo, using the NR (noise restriction) to prohibit any outdoor amplified noise.

The KWA Architectural Advisory Committee (AAC), staff and neighbors worked with Eric Schlater, property owner of 1009 S. Alamo, regarding the zoning and redevelopment of this property. In the end, eight parking spaces and NR were added to the rear of the property. Music will still be allowed on the front facing S. Alamo.

Staff and neighbors met with David Adelman on the redevelopment of his properties at 1811 S. Alamo and 1302 S Flores. Adelman proposed to rezone the property from industrial use to commercial use, to include a bar (IDZ C2 with a bar). Mr. Adelman did not want to restrict noise as he thought the City’s noise ordinance would take care of any noise problems. At the City Council meeting five neighbors and I spoke requesting the City add the noise restriction (NR) to these properties to prohibit outdoor amplified noise. District 1 Councilman Treviño made a motion to approve the new zoning with the addition of the noise restriction.

KWA Board, staff and committees continue to work towards a better quality of life in the King William area as stated in the KWA Charter. Having neighbors involved and speaking at City hearings is an important part of the process. Please help the KWA help you. Volunteer to be on committees, speak at City meetings, or write letters, as there is strength in numbers. - Cherise Bell