Sidewalks and curbs

How about the sidewalk and curb area right in front of your home? This area is considered city right-of-way, used for public passage and for the installation of curbs, sidewalks and utilities.
However, it’s the responsibility of the adjacent homeowner to keep the right-of-way free of obstructions including any type of debris, grass and weeds, and other plants that impede the passage of vehicular and pedestrian traffic. This includes weeds growing out of the sidewalk or curb, that are along the street pavement. In addition, the correction of major cracks and unlevel surfaces along the sidewalk is also the responsibility of the property owner (City Code Ch. 29-11a).

Low hanging tree limbs

Homeowners are responsible for maintaining tree limb height clearance of at least fourteen (14) feet high over alley bed by fifteen (15) feet wide for vehicles to enter. The alley bed must be reasonably free of debris and passable to vehicles. (City code Ch. 14-61). Low overhanging tree limbs need to be trimmed to 8 feet above the sidewalk. Don’t try to trim tree limbs that are growing onto power lines. It’s dangerous and you could be electrocuted.
If you find yourself in this situation, call City Public Service at 353-2222 to report the situation.

Fernando Muñoz, Code Enforcement Supervisor for Northeast sector
Member, Development Services Damage Assessment Team

Excerpt from the COSA Code Connection July/August 2015