Every August my family goes to the beach for a week before the girls have to go back to school. As I walked along the Atlantic coast this year, I thought about King William, both my neighborhood and our Association. Perhaps it was related to the high and low tides, or what washed up on the shore. Perhaps it was erosion of shoreline with dune restoration efforts to preserve it, or sand castle creations washed away with the next tide. Perhaps it was the diversity of marine life we encountered, from periwinkles to sand dollars, from nesting turtles to varieties of crab (including horseshoe, hermit and ghost), and from pods of dolphins to a shark!

Behind the scenes, it is a busy summer for the KWA. In the last issue I mentioned the Board of Directors will work on and approve a 2014 budget which will include funding for many of the activities we support throughout the year: concerts at SARA, artists at the office, graffiti clean-up, tree planting, the home tour program, sidewalks, socials and scholarships. The budget also includes general operating expenses from salaries to staples. In addition, we budget for building maintenance of our office on S. Alamo. After accounting for what the KWA needs to operate and complete programs or approved projects we look to the remainder of the KW Fair income to award grants to organizations throughout our community.

1974, 1976, 1987, 1997 and 2009…what do these years have in common for the King William Association? The KWA By-Laws were revised and adopted by the membership in each of these years. Over the course of my time serving on the Board of Directors, it became apparent that the By-Laws needed to be looked at once again. There were standing committees with no members; some By-Laws sections had to be read two to three times to understand them clearly; and the nonprofit consultant leading our Board orientation this year agreed revisions would be prudent. Therefore, one of my goals as President was to revise the By-Laws.

Ah, summer is here – or is it ugh, summer is here? On Sunday, June 2 at 6:30 p.m. on the banks of the San Antonio River, it was definitely “Ah, summer is here!” The Mission City Hot Rhythm Cats were performing for the KWA concert series at the San Antonio River Authority and the weather was fabulous. The temperature stayed under 90 and cool breezes wafted across the grounds. I settled in to my portable travel chair, poured a glass of pinot grigio and took in the sights and sounds.

As I write this article the King William Fair is looming large, but by the time you read this, it will have come and gone.  For most of us the Fair is a really big, but short-lived event: Thursday parking restrictions followed by Friday closing of the Fair Zone and set up, and then the Saturday main event.  When we wake up Sunday, it has mostly disappeared, save for some confetti, temporary street markings, and equipment waiting to be picked up.