It is that time of year when we start thinking about next year and the board.  This year the nominating committee consists of Gloria Arecchi, Shawn Campbell, Gretchen Garceau-Kragh (chair), Margaret Leeds and Robin Raquet.  

The nominating committee will recruit KWA members to serve on the board. This year is a little different than in past years in that the committee will be recruiting only one new board member, in addition to nominating a new president.  This past year, we had three board members leave the board mid-term.  According to the bylaws, board members vote to fill vacancies and the newly-elected board member may serve three years in addition to the partial year they filled.  As a result, we have only one board member moving off the board this year.

Serving on the board and as President for the last two years has been one of the most gratifying experiences I have had.  It provides the opportunity to give back to the community, have a positive impact, work with one of the most professional staffs in the nonprofit world and, of course, make new friends with other residents.  I strongly encourage you to consider serving on the board.  Your involvement will help ensure that we have a strong board that broadly represents the various interests in our neighborhood.  The time commitment is not overly burdensome and can be easily managed.  

Contact any nominating committee member or Tracy Moon, Executive Director, to discuss the time commitment and expectations of board members.  If this is not the right time for you, there are many other ways to contribute and serve the neighborhood – from volunteering to serving on a committee.  Most importantly, we need you to actively contribute!  Do it, you will not regret it!