While interviewing potential Executive Director candidates, I was recently asked why I liked King William.  While pondering the question, I realized King William has everything I try to achieve in my professional life of developing master-planned communities.  The goal is to create a sustainable community achieved by these guiding principles:

  • Ageless, offering multiple housing types (for each stage of life) and multi-use spaces
  • Authentic, has roots in its history and is organically grown
  • Connected, walkable and offers multiple opportunities to meet and interact
  • Active, a community that encourages residents to be outdoors which spurs interaction
  • Fun, whether it is riding/walking the river walk or mission trail or dining in Southtown, there is always something to do!
  • A strong local school which embraces all the other guiding principles and the cultural heritage of San Antonio

King William meets every one of these principles and that is why we live here.  For many years, King William evolved without a master plan that mandated these principles.  But with the passionate work and dedication of our residents, our community evolved to reflect these guiding principles.  There are times when our passion spills over, but I view that as food that feeds a healthy neighborhood.  Acting with passion about our concerns ensures that King William continues to evolve in a healthy and sustainable manner.