Wow!  What a fabulous Fiesta and celebration of the 50th anniversary of the King William Association!  I want to thank the staff and all the volunteers and sponsors for your hard work, dedication and support in putting on what I consider the premier Fiesta event, The King William Fair.  I also want to thank the King William community for your support which has made the Fair possible for the past 50 years. 

A great deal has changed in the neighborhood over the last 50 years and I have no doubt that change will continue.  On our borders, there are more than 50 public and private projects in the works with more to be added if the May bond issue passes.  The projects range from new hotels, apartments and office buildings to the San Pedro Creek renovation.  Within King William, we seem to see change daily.  New townhomes, new restaurants and new retail.  From my viewpoint, all this change has resulted in a great vibe in the neighborhood.  The reason it has worked is due to the passionate involvement of our community that has allowed us to be out in front of the development so that we can manage that inevitable change. 

The KWA will continue this long history of involvement now and in years to come.  On the horizon is the city’s proposed parking pilot project and the city and state proposed short term rental regulations.  In both cases, we are taking a proactive approach to assure that the adopted policies work for the neighborhood and ensure our continued vibrancy.

Please reach out to me and your board members to let us know how you feel about these issues any time.  We look forward to hearing from you!