September 2, 2015 represents the end of the 2014-2015 KWA program year. This past year the board and I have worked on governance, making sure our programs/activities/accounting are in compliance with federal and state guidelines. We reviewed funding for concerts, the Fair, membership, plus other events/programs ensuring our financial security and strengthening programs. As part of our fiduciary responsibility, the board approved a “Holdings Policy.” A subcommittee is currently preparing to interview several finance organizations and will submit a recommendation to both the Finance Committee and the full board. More information will be forthcoming.

One of the goals of the Strategic Plan was to investigate moving to a larger office. We signed a two-year lease at 122 Madison. The new space is working well for meetings and for Fair activities. We retained ownership of 1032 S. Alamo and are in the process of finding a tenant.

We have advocated for C1 zoning which prohibits “outdoor amplified noise;” continue to comment on HDRC and Zoning cases; and submitted UDC amendments as part of the city’s UDC process. We continue to work with developers and homeowners regarding infill development and rehabilitation projects. The Cedar Street townhomes project is still in the works to replace the Children’s Shelter. Through negotiation we reduced the number of units, and two lots will be zoned as single-family residences. Discussions with the owner of the soon-to-be-opened Brigid restaurant on St. Mary’s St. at Madison resulted in no outdoor seating or outdoor amplified noise, and acquired additional off-street parking.

We hosted a Safety Summit with Interim Police Chief Anthony Treviño and Councilman Robert Treviño. As a result, more enforcement and police presence have been brought into our neighborhood.

The King William-Lavaca Parking & Transportation Committee was created, and has been actively meeting. City has stated they will conduct a study to help with the issues in our neighborhood. King William is in the midst of major and long-term intercity transformation, and it is essential that we keep focusing on preserving the integrity of our unique historic neighborhood. Change is coming but we want to embrace it with the strength that will allow the amenities that we need and the preservation of our unique character. As your president for next year I hope to achieve some resolutions on the parking and transportation issues, and to engage COSA to move forward on upgrading S. Alamo St. from Turner to Pereida to correspond with the completed improvements along S. Alamo to Probandt.

I want to acknowledge the great work of our board, staff and committees. Our board is proactive and engaged, and I certainly respect their opinions and appreciate their leadership. It has been a great pleasure to work with the KWA and Fair staff: Cherise Bell, Monika Perez-Moad, Zet Baer and Carol Jackson. Their professionalism is to be commended. Rose Kanusky chairs the KWA-Lavaca Parking and Transportation Committee, hosting meetings with city officials. Mickey Conrad and members of the Architectural Advisory Committee have worked diligently in reviewing HDRC cases in King William and locations adjacent that impact our neighborhood. The Public Art Committee chaired by Molly Shafer has organized and hosted lectures and music programs, and is working in coordination with the Texas Commission on the Arts to secure grant funding for additional programs and projects. Susan Athené spends many hours every month putting together this newsletter. Pat Conroy assisted in the conversation with Brigid restaurant.

KWA is still largely a volunteer organization and we are fortunate to have volunteers that carry out so much of the work.

- Harry Shafer