Behind the scenes, it is a busy summer for the KWA. In the last issue I mentioned the Board of Directors will work on and approve a 2014 budget which will include funding for many of the activities we support throughout the year: concerts at SARA, artists at the office, graffiti clean-up, tree planting, the home tour program, sidewalks, socials and scholarships. The budget also includes general operating expenses from salaries to staples. In addition, we budget for building maintenance of our office on S. Alamo. After accounting for what the KWA needs to operate and complete programs or approved projects we look to the remainder of the KW Fair income to award grants to organizations throughout our community.

Beth Davis, now serving her third year on the Board, has worked hard to improve our grant making process. The application requires the applicant to tell us how the request fits with the charter and mission of the KWA. The applications are judged independently and scored by volunteers. The results are tabulated and analyzed for validity, and the results are presented first to the Finance Committee for a recommendation and then to the Board, which votes on which grants to approve.

Meanwhile, Deb Field, also serving her third year on the Board, led the nominating committee to find a slate of candidates to serve on the Board of Directors. Thanks to all the members who have stepped up to serve! If you’re interested in serving on the Board, I can assure you it’s worthwhile and you are sure to learn some interesting things about the organization, the neighborhood and the neighbors. You must be a KWA member for one year prior to service to be eligible, so tear out the membership form from this newsletter and send it in or drop it by the office.

In addition to working on the budget, grants and nominees for the Board, the KWA is striving to have a presence at all public meetings regarding development around us, from streetcars to HemisFair to Victoria Commons to downtown grocery store propositions. If you have a particular interest in one of these topics and would like to be more involved, please call the office and let us know so we can keep you in the loop.