Every August my family goes to the beach for a week before the girls have to go back to school. As I walked along the Atlantic coast this year, I thought about King William, both my neighborhood and our Association. Perhaps it was related to the high and low tides, or what washed up on the shore. Perhaps it was erosion of shoreline with dune restoration efforts to preserve it, or sand castle creations washed away with the next tide. Perhaps it was the diversity of marine life we encountered, from periwinkles to sand dollars, from nesting turtles to varieties of crab (including horseshoe, hermit and ghost), and from pods of dolphins to a shark!

The four-foot shark was caught by an unsuspecting fisherman in a cast net at dusk right in front of us. He didn’t want it, but wasn’t sure how to get it out of his net. My brother-in-law sprang into action cutting the shark free from the net and hauling it by its tail back into the sea as most sharks must constantly move to breathe. This was no easy task but he was rewarded with both admiration and a hug from his 12-year-old son who watched the whole event wide-eyed and breathless. This event started our week, so for the rest of the vacation, entering the ocean was met with some tentative moments. In the end, we plunged right in and were rewarded with wave after wave of fun. There were a few injuries from skim boarding and boogie boarding, but all in all it was a great time.

As I reflect back on the past year, I have done my best to lead the King William Association. I think there are similarities to be found between my beach week and my King William year. I dug in the sand creating sand castles, rode the waves, experienced unusual wildlife, tried new things, and found beauty in shells cast on the shore, sharing all of these experiences with the KWA board and staff. It was challenging, educational and rewarding at times.

At the September General Meeting we will present the KWA Annual Report and elect a new Board of Directors. I encourage you to come to the meeting and learn what the KWA has been working on this past year. Jump in the water and participate - nothing really happens if you just sit on your beach chair!