The holidays are behind us, but we wish the spirit of peace will be with you throughout the year. Last year ended in a whirlwind of activity and it looks like the trend will continue. There are several KWA committees doing some very important work for the organization. And yes, committee members are all volunteers. These folks donate their time and talents to do the work of the Association. Many find it a gratifying experience to be able to work with other neighbors to shape the community in which we live.

One group of individuals, the Planning Committee, is performing a critical activity. They will be developing a strategic plan for the KWA. We anticipate that this very important exercise will add understanding to what the organization and our membership want to focus on in the near-term. From our input meeting last October we heard that our membership wants change to occur. But, for change to occur we need to evaluate where to focus. The strategic plan promises to be the tool that will take us in the direction for our near-term journey.
Another very important committee is the Fair Committee. This is a year-round activity. Through the work of the staff and the many volunteers in its subcommittees the Fair is poised to have a banner year, so clear your calendars for Fair day on April 26th.

There are many other committees that are busy generating positive outcomes on behalf of the Association. Be sure to read the Membership Committee’s article in this issue, and take advantage of your new KWA membership discounts with our local businesses! Many thanks to its chair, Annice Hill, for her excellent initiative, and to the participating businesses for their support.

As I indicated before, we are all volunteers. Just like Community Concerns Committee member Patty Duarte, who has dedicated her time and energy to addressing the crime wave that has hit our neighborhood of late – from keeping people informed to coordinating prevention workshops. Patty, thank you for your dedication in trying to keep our neighborhood a safe and secure place in which to live.

Remember our neighborhood businesses and use your new KWA membership discounts to take your sweetheart dining this Valentine’s Day!