One of the major challenges facing the Association this past year was to develop a better understanding of the role, purpose and direction of the Association. Therefore, the board secured the services of a consultant to help develop the KWA strategic plan. The board has adopted the plan, and it provides a definitive set of goals that point the path forward for the organization and what needs to be addressed in the near-term and short-term. Many of the suggestions that were voiced during the membership input meetings are embedded in the goals that have been documented. Many of the goals documented in the plan are already being addressed. The plan is a living document and will certainly be tweaked as new challenges arise. I invite you to carefully review this document, embrace it, and identify areas of interest where you can contribute to helping the King William Association meet the challenges facing our neighborhood.

I would like to thank the many volunteers who contributed to a successful year of activity for the Association. The Architectural Advisory Committee, chaired by Jack Kent, was an extremely busy group this year and addressed many proposed changes in our neighborhood. The Membership Committee led by Annice Hill bridged area businesses to our membership perks. And there was the Bylaws Committee, which presented us with a wide array of recommended changes for revising our bylaws.

There are many other active committees that continue to contribute to the success of the organization. One of the most recent and important committees is the Policy Development Committee led by Jesse Simpson, which is tasked with developing policies and procedures for the organization so that we may have a standardized set of policy documents to follow. I would also like to thank our Executive Director, Cherise Bell, and our KWA staff for their support.

Serving as KWA president this past year has certainly been an interesting experience that took me from retirement to a full-time job. In this capacity I was able to meet many members and neighbors who truly have the interests of the Association at heart. I thank the many members who provided me with historical perspectives and guidance that helped me through the learning curve. And now it’s time for me to go back to my bucket list. Gracias y hasta luego!!