Daniel Perez’s article in the July 17 San Antonio Express-News, “Southtown Successes Mean Parking Failures,” accurately highlights one of our major neighborhood issues. As I have indicated in previous posts to the Newsletter, the King William-Lavaca neighborhood joint Parking and Transportation Committee chaired by Rose Kanusky is working on gathering information to propose potential solutions to our parking-traffic issues. To offer any hope of solving any of the parking and traffic problems, it is essential that we work with the respective COSA departments. Toward that end, we have now met twice with the City Center Development and Operations staff to work jointly to find some relief to the congestion.

On July 17, we presented the scope of work prepared by Rose’s committee to CCDO office staff. Jim Mery, CCDO’s representative, and Terry Bellamy of TCI will review our scope of work and submit a request for proposal to hire a consultant to obtain the various kinds of information needed to determine solutions. The scope of work includes the following topics with each outlining a series of tasks and stating deliverables.

  1. Identify current traffic and parking patterns and volumes within the neighborhoods, using traffic counts, local anecdotal evidence, historical data, etc.
  2. Identify locations of existing parking infrastructure including private, public, and roadway parking spaces.
  3. Identify Plan of Action to address congestion and safety concerns.

The discussion among the joint KWA-Lavaca committee and Mr. Mery and Mr. Bellamy was constructive and helpful. This process requires bidding for and hiring a consultant to gather and review the information. Implementation on resolving the issues will take time. Some short-term measures were discussed that might help some locations, but none are immediately actionable. What is actionable was the effort made by Interim Police Chief Trevino to expand the bike patrol to now include the King William-Lavaca-Southtown area. We have already seen the results of this with bike patrol officers being more visible.