We are winding up the summer and the term of the current KWA Board. I want to thank the Board for their dedication of time, talent, insight, expertise and passion. It would not be King William without your efforts.

I wanted to take a moment to reflect on the past year of transition and great accomplishments. Here are a few of the highlights:

 Granted $76,553 in funds to support neighborhood organizations that make our community a better place.

 Recruited, interviewed and hired our new Executive Director, Tracy Moon, who has a strong business, financial and preservation background and who will lead us to the next level.

 Updated our financial systems and hired a new bookkeeper.

 Completed an audit of the organization (occurs every 3 years).

 Evaluated our operations to determine whether we were using best practices/standards.

 Re-established our connection with Lavaca Neighborhood Association and exchanged members. KWA and LNA will jointly host a National Night Out event at Brackenridge High School in October.

 The Cultural Arts Committee (CAC) commissioned seating and wayfinding signs within the neighborhood.

 Saw attendance at concerts in the park increase from around 100 to between 250-500.

 Transitioned the monthly newsletter to digital format; a paper copy to be provided for those that want one. The digital format will allow a coordinated communication campaign to members that includes emails, website, etc.

 The welcome wagon will be reinstituted and a new membership drive launched.

 Held the most successful King William Fair, garnering numerous state awards, achieving the highest green certification, having the highest attendance ever and the largest gross and net income on record.

I want to thank you, the members, the Board and the King William Association staff for making the last two years so fulfilling and gratifying. While I have truly enjoyed my time on the Board, working to improve our neighborhood, it is now time for a new president to lead us into the future. I am confident that the organization is in great hands moving forward.

It is that time of year when we start thinking about next year and the board.  This year the nominating committee consists of Gloria Arecchi, Shawn Campbell, Gretchen Garceau-Kragh (chair), Margaret Leeds and Robin Raquet.  

The nominating committee will recruit KWA members to serve on the board. This year is a little different than in past years in that the committee will be recruiting only one new board member, in addition to nominating a new president.  This past year, we had three board members leave the board mid-term.  According to the bylaws, board members vote to fill vacancies and the newly-elected board member may serve three years in addition to the partial year they filled.  As a result, we have only one board member moving off the board this year.

This year’s King William Fair was a great success! The weather was beautiful, the parade was fabulous, and we had a record number of attendees!  The fair vendors were elated by the response and turnout.  I want to thank Syeira Budd, the King William Fair staff, and all the volunteers whose hard work and dedication make the Fair so successful.  In the coming weeks we will have the final numbers to report.

Welcome to 2018, a year of change for the King Williams Association.  Last year we said goodbye and good luck to Cherise Bell, our first Executive Director.  In her five years with the KWA she took a wholly volunteer organization and turned it into a professionally run association with influence beyond its borders and throughout the city.  We wish her luck in her new role as a historic preservation consultant.