Hello to all my neighbors!  I am very excited to be serving as the 2018 King William Fair Chair and look forward to a successful Fair next April.  For the past seven years, I have been the chair of the Food Committee (and co-chair with Ginger Ardid for some of those years).  What a trip it has been!  A lot of work, but much more fun than work!  The Fair staff and I are currently looking for someone to step in to the position as Food Chair for next year.  I will offer my guidance and any hand-holding needed, plus we already have a great group of food vendors ready to return. 

The Fair staff will work closely with the Food Chair to offer support, and are always available to answer questions.  So, if you are a “foodie,” or you like to connect with people in the food industry, or your organizational skills are strong, please think about it.  Call the KWA office if you are interested or if you have questions.  You can also call me at 512-450-4892 if you want more info about this fun volunteer job.  It is very rewarding and you get to know our friendly food vendors.  

Viva Fiesta! 

- Annice Hill

At its June meeting, the KWA Board of Directors voted to increase the admission fee for the 2018 King William Fair from $10 to $15 for adults.  Children 12 and under continue to be free of charge.  This $5 increase will help with the rising costs of producing the best Fiesta event in town!  

The fee had been $10 for the past six years, the lowest fee of all the major Fiesta events.  As a dues-paying member of the King William Association, you will continue to receive two complimentary admission wristbands to the Fair as part of your membership – that is a $30 value!  Those will be mailed to you before the Fair, in April 2018.  The membership year runs from September through August, so NOW is the time to renew!  

- Zet Baer, CFEE, Fair Manager