Whether you actively volunteered or simply dealt with some of the inconveniences surrounding Fair Day, I want to say thanks for helping us, once again, showcase our neighborhood during Fiesta! Despite our event falling at the end of a newly-extended Fiesta schedule and contending with an afternoon Spurs playoff game, our Fair was a huge success and has continued to grow. This would not be possible if not for the hard work of our innumerable volunteers, sponsors and staff.

In particular, I would like to praise our Fair staff of Zet Baer, Carol Jackson, Monika Perez-Moad, Monty Baer, Syeira Budd and KWA Executive Director Cherise Bell. A very special thanks to Susan Rothman for all of her efforts during her time with us. Susan has been an instrumental part of the Fair for several years now, from working with sponsors throughout the year to coordinating all the radio traffic on Fair day, just to name a few things. She will be leaving us to spend more time with family—but, fear not, as she has already agreed to come back as a volunteer next year! We will miss you but are excited to welcome you back in your new role! If you see any of these folks around the neighborhood, please give them a big hug and thank you! This is by no means a complete list, as it takes the work of many individuals to pull this event off. If I forgot you, please forgive me and accept my most sincere thanks.

Though it may seem far off, we are already actively planning next year’s fair. If you have any thoughts or suggestions on how we can make things better, please let us know! And, perhaps more importantly, if you would like to volunteer to help, give us a call!

- Jeremy Nelson