If you've driven by Bonham Academy, chances are you've seen Rose Cunningham and Linda Jackson. These crossing guards, affectionately known as Ms. Rose and Ms. Linda to neighbors, are sisters who have been standing watch over Bonham crosswalks as a team for twelve years. Ms. Rose, who works the intersection at St. Mary's and Pereida, started in 2003 and brought in her sister, who works at Pereida and S. Presa, a couple of years later. 

 “I just love kids,” is Rose's reason for choosing this job. Both women are grandmothers, and their affection for children is apparent to anyone who observes them in action. Rose said that former students come back to visit from time-to-time and asks if she remembers them. “Of course I do!” she answers enthusiastically. Past Bonham student Felice Martinez says that, in addition to making sure kids cross safely, they also “really brighten your day.” These women are a wonderful asset to our neighborhood.  Thanks, Rose and Linda!

- Angela Martinez