I first met Mike Wiederhold in the mid-1980s. Roz and I lived in Houston at the time and had just recently discovered the King William neighborhood. It was a cool, misty fall Saturday and I believe the occasion was a home tour combined with a quilt show. Of course, we didn’t know anyone in the neighborhood at the time. We were walking up King William Street when it suddenly began to rain. We noticed that several people had congregated under a carport at the corner house across from the King William Park to get out of the rain.

Just as we got undercover, the host, Mike Wiederhold walked up, stuck out his hand and introduced himself. It was then that Roz and I realized we’d crashed a party. Before we could graciously exit, we were each handed a glass of wine and drawn into conversation. After the rain stopped, we made our way back to Carolyn Cole’s Brackenridge House B&B on Madison where we were staying.

As we were having a glass of wine on her upstairs verandah that evening, we were discussing that serendipitous event and agreed that we had never before been taken in by such a gracious group of strangers. I think it was then and there that we decided that we’d found our next home.

It took another five years or so to extricate ourselves from Houston, but we got here as fast as we could.

- Bill Cogburn