"You both have diabetic cats! You must have a lot to talk about!”

Thus He met She, their orbits intersected by a mutual friend, King William neighbor, and – as He would soon realize – serial matchmaker.

He does not actually recall if there was much more talk about diabetic cats that evening. (As time would reveal, He and She did indeed both have diabetic cats, and black female bobtails (O mystery! O coincidence!), and several other cats besides – a shared obsession then and now.)

He: raised in King William, recently returned to reclaim his childhood home. She: a dozen-year resident of Blue Star and King William, a spunky single mom. Both (besides the cat thing): earnest toilers in the nonprofit vineyards, science for Him, social services for Her.

He was glad to meet Her, since She seemed a pleasant neighbor, fellow cat lover, and all. He somehow missed the detail that She was, um, available (there were reasons He was still a bachelor at 48). Until He got a message from the mutual friend: “Don’t mean to pry, but … well … I mean, what the hell??”

And so He saw the light … and resolved to see more of Her. He found the courage to ask Her on a roadtrip to Goliad, one beautiful and memorable Memorial Day. (If She regarded the site of an infamous massacre as an eccentric choice of dating venue, She was a good sport about it.)

And before too very long He and She became We – with cats, a teenage son, nonprofit salaries, King William house repairs, King William politics, and more: the sustenance of good friends and a beautiful, storied, quirky corner of the world. It is a joy to be We, and to be Here.

- Jack Kent, Jr.