In 1938, Bonham Elementary was the first school in San Antonio to get a “Safety Sally” sign.  The police department placed “Safety Sally” at primary school crosswalks across the city to caution motorists to slow down as they approached school crossings.  In the photo above, Bonham principal Mildred Baskin  looks on as seven-year-old Bonham students, Dolores Duke and Kenneth Lee Petrie, pose with “Sally.”

Miss Baskin began her teaching career in 1879 at age 18.  After being a classroom teacher for several years she served as principal at Fannin Elementary, then at Crockett Elementary before becoming Bonham’s principal about 1906.  She continued to serve as Bonham’s principal for the next 35 years until she retired in 1941.  She died the next year at age 81.

Bonham, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, was one of 10 schools added to the San Antonio School System in the 1880s.  In the 1950s a new school on Crestview Drive was named Mildred Baskin Elementary School in honor of the popular and much loved educator.

- Bill Cogburn

Sources:  The San Antonio Light; UTSA Libraries Special Collections; SAPL Texana room archives