This article is inspired by past issues of the King Association newsletter, beginning in November 1967.  Its purpose is to inform newer neighbors and remind those who have been here awhile of how the King William Area has evolved through the years.

References and comments are from those issues containing “news” items that seem, to this writer, to show the development of the King William neighborhood or merely to show how some things are unique to an historic district. The series starts with comments taken from the November 1967 newsletter about the first King William Association meeting held in October 1967.  Articles will continue, but will not in every issue of the newsletter. 

DECEMBER 1972 - The King William Home Tour and Fair were held jointly.  The Tour netted $394.74, and the Fair $378.00.

SEPTEMBER 1973 - King William Association dues were raised to $3.00 to balance the newsletter mailing budget.  The San Antonio River Authority began design work for flood control improvements between Johnson and Nueva Streets.  

OCTOBER 1973 - The King William Area, A HIstory and Guide to the Houses, a book by long-time resident, Mary V. Burkholder, was at the printers and would soon be available for sale.  (This book has been updated and the new edition went on sale in November 2017.)

JULY 1975 - Home restorations continue at a great pace, including several by Walter Mathis.  This included the house formerly at 1217 S. Alamo which was turned around and is now at 514 Madison Street.

SEPTEMBER 1975 - Mr. Graham Knight, a founding member of the King William Association, bought 236 and 242 Madison St.  This was welcomed by neighbors because the structures “had fallen on evil times in recent years.”  (When recently asked what “evil times” referred to, Mr. Knight said he thinks it was referring to the very rundown condition of both houses, especially 242 Madison, which had been divided into several small apartments.  Both residences have since fared well.)

.- Alan Cash