The Nathan Historic District was created by the San Antonio City Council on June 15, 2017.  It is bounded by S. Flores, W. Guenther, S. Main Avenue and S. Alamo Streets.  Nathan Street, named after the developer’s son, is located between S. Alamo and W. Guenther, bisecting this new historic district. 

In January 1895, Mrs. M. F. Lewis filed a plat for subdividing the land bounded by S. Flores, Frasch (S. Main Avenue), Aransas (S. Alamo) and Rische Streets.  One year later, according to the 1896 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map Sheet 42, two houses were built at that time, 502 Nathan and 205 Sweet, plus several commercial buildings on S. Alamo and S. Flores Streets.  

Lewis also purchased lots on the north side of Rische and W. Guenther Streets from the Gaenslen family in 1901.  The 1910 City Directory list just over 50 addresses in the neighborhood, which means most of the residential lots were developed and represent the Folk Victorian Style.  Fire Station #12 was constructed in 1924 and designed by local architect Richard Vander Straten, reflecting the Spanish Colonial Style. 

Important to note is the San Pedro Acequia used to run through the 100 blocks of the subdivision roughly parallel to S. Flores Street.  Started in 1718, the San Pedro or Acequia Prinicpal was used for irrigation and drinking water until the City closed it in 1913.  

- Cherise Bell