Have you ever read the King William Association Charter?  You can look at your KWA directory or go onto our website www.ourkwa.org.  The Charter is the legal document used to establish a corporation identifying the entity’s name, address, purpose, profit/nonprofit status and the directors.  Fifty years ago the below people were the first officers of the newly formed association.  The Charter states: 

“IN WITNESS WHEREOF, we have hereunto set our hands this 28 day of July, 1967.

/s/ Raford N. Dobie

/s/ Ernest Sam Heard

/s/ Henry W. Haferman” 

By November 1967 the new Association boasted 40 property-owner memberships and four area resident memberships.  Individual membership was $2 and $5 for clubs and organizations.  According to the December 1967 newsletter, “Richard Garza, 218 City, and Lasca Fortassain, 234 Madison, are in charge of our membership drive.”  Mr. Garza is still a member to this day!  

Membership payments are due by August 31, 2017 and you can pay online.  We hope you will join the Association. 

- Cherise Bell