This article is inspired by past issues of the King Association newsletter, beginning in November 1967.  Its purpose is to inform newer neighbors and remind those who have been here awhile of how the King William Area has evolved through the years.

References and comments are from those issues containing “news” items that seem, to this writer, to show the development of the King William neighborhood or merely to show how some things are unique to an historic district. The series starts with comments taken from the November 1967 newsletter about the first King William Association meeting held in October 1967.  Articles will continue, but will not in every issue of the newsletter. 

November 1967 issue – The first meeting of the King William Association was held in October 1967.  It was attended by people who cared very much for the future of the area and who were committed to the idea of getting together to accomplish that which no one could ever accomplish alone.  Individual dues were $2 a year and $5 for businesses or organizations.  Those joining by January 1, 1968, would be considered Charter Members of the Association.

December 1967 issue – The City Director of Planning made a presentation at the monthly meeting concerning what the addition of historic zoning would mean for property owners.  

January 1968 issue – Plans were begun for the first King William Fair to be held in April during Fiesta.  Miracles were not expected, but it was hoped that the Fair would give people the opportunity to come to the neighborhood, visit the King William Fair, and then go to the night parade downtown.  

The City Planning Commission made its recommendation to the City Council on the area to be included in the proposed Historic District.

February 1968 issue – Newcomers were welcomed at the last Association meeting.  One of these was Mr. Walter Mathis, who became a driving force in the revitalization of the King William neighborhood.  The King William Association was six months old and membership had grown to over 100.

March 1968 issue – The City Council of San Antonio appointed three members to meet with the San Antonio Conservation Society and the King William Association to study the boundaries of the King William Historic Zone.    

- Alan Cash