The San Pedro Acequia, also known as the Principal Acequia, was first constructed in 1719. Commonly known as a ditch, the acequia was likely the first of its kind constructed in San Antonio.  Acequias were primarily irrigation ditches and, as time progressed, were later used for drinking water and as storm drains. The San Pedro Acequia ran from the waters of present-day San Pedro Springs Park to the San Antonio River, just south of the Blue Star National Register Historic District.  

Portions of the San Pedro Acequia are still visible today, namely along S. Flores Street on the Commander’s House and San Antonio Housing Authority properties.  

The area around SAHA has provided archaeologists with several examples of construction types.  Adjacent to the historic plaque on S. Flores Street, excavations have revealed some of the most diverse construction methods throughout the acequia’s entirety, including dirt-lined, stone-lined and wood-lined sections.  Each of these is representative of a different time period when the San Pedro Acequia was modified, cleaned or reconstructed.  

Celebrate Archeology Month by visiting these historic remnants of San Antonio’s acequia system.

- Matthew T. Elverson, M.A., R.P.A., CoSA Assistant City Archaeologist