The accompanying photo shows my mother, Mildred “Peggy” Archer (right), and her first cousin, Gerry McIntyre. They are standing in front of the house, which I believe was at 118 Madison (now a parking lot), where they lived for several years. The photo is labeled 1937, when the girls were 15. My mother and grandmother, Aline Cumby, rented the house, and then rented out one of the bedrooms (a “room for rent” sign can be seen on the porch railing). My grandmother ran a beauty shop in the living room and slept in the second bedroom. My mother slept on the screen porch. Peggy Archer graduated from Brackenridge High School in 1939. Eventually she worked at Joske’s, where she met my father. My father, John Salling, had another near- King William connection. His father, uncles, and grandfather owned a small “chain” of grocery stores, numbering 5 or 6 at one point. Sallings Grocery #3 was located at 1111 S. Presa. The building is still there, and is now AAA Freight Salvage. The “chain” went out of business in 1942; the Butt family moved into one of the locations, on Broadway, as they expanded their grocery business into San Antonio.

Nancy Salling Diehl