That was the year my family moved to San Antonio, so HemisFair was our initial dip into a long residence in Texas. I remember an incredible nonstop hum of interesting activities (sort of like the wonderful LUMINARIA experience downtown in March) attracting everyone of every age to return again and again to the fairgrounds. I loved the intriguing lighting and vibrant colors and the music in the air … teenagers wandered happily around by themselves – the mood of each exhibit was inspiring.

Surprises always popped up, things we hadn’t seen before or anticipated. The mix of human beings seemed delicious and the activities never too canned or prescribed like theme parks often feel. HemisFair felt authentic and bubbling and harmonious and engaging … plays and puppets and voices and films and exhibitions and demonstrations of all varieties. I could never figure out why we didn’t get to keep the monorail, why, in fact, it couldn’t have been extended all over town! It was a delight!

Cheers, and nice to remember …

Naomi Nye