Several years ago, I learned that the Big Pig, having fallen on hard times, had to relocate. He had spent his most recent years in the parking lot of a bar on S.Roosevelt--and he looked like it! The land owner wanted him off. He was owned by Bill Thomas who had saved him from a dire fate years earlier; now it was time to save him again.


There was oral history, from Mr. Smith, of Smith Chevrolet, that led us all to believe the Big Pig had once resided at the early Pig Stand on Broadway, now vacant land where I-35 soars overhead. Richard Hailey, owner of the restaurant chain, gave us permission and support to move the Pig to our local Pig Stand on S. St. Mary's St. Many, many people donated their time and professional talents to see that the move was completed--and now we have this wonderful Wilbur in our midst.

Then, I found this patent application (pictured). It is the Big Pig's birth certificate. I never knew genealogy could be so much fun.

Carolene Zehner