If you have been to the San Antonio Botanical Garden, you entered through a large stone building.  That is the Sullivan Carriage House that originally stood on Broadway just a few blocks north of Houston St.  It was dismantled stone by stone and rebuilt at the Garden to prevent its loss to development.  

King William also has its own stone barn that was originally built elsewhere.  At the rear of the San Antonio Conservation Society, at 107 King William St., is the Stuemke Barn built by August C. Stuemke downtown at the corner of Houston and N. Flores Sts. about 155 years ago.  It had been part of the first San Antonio lumberyard, which Mr. Stuemke owned.  In 1982 it also was rescued and moved stone by stone and rebuilt.  At the time it was one of the last early industrial buildings left downtown.  

Moving the barn was a joint project of the Conservation Society and Frost Bank.  The bank financed the dismantling and reconstruction of the barn that is now used as a meeting space and for other functions.  The pictures show the barn as it was on Houston St. in 1982 and now at its new home.

Many thanks to the SACS for the use of its files providing the details for this article and for saving another part of San Antonio history, which it does so well.

- Alan Cash