We are pleased to announce a particularly wonderful King William Association River Concert series for 2013, featuring six concerts - one more than usual - with two new groups that promise to be very popular.

A nostalgic look back to 2007, the year the concerts began, will find us in King William Park with tall oak trees rustling and beautiful sunsets providing a perfect setting.  Sadly, those lovely oaks succumbed to old age and disease, leaving very little shade in the park.

Several neighbors have been victims of one crime or another recently, ranging from thefts of porch furniture to home burglaries. Many of these crimes happened on or near King William street. In response, several King William street residents have organized a neighborhood watch group. The group's purpose is to keep watchful eyes on the homes and street, noting and sharing awareness of unusual activity. We've created an email and phone list which will allow us to keep each other informed. Four neighbors have volunteered to act as the block captain for the blocks they live on. The block capture each resident is informed of important information.