The board met on June 20, 2018 to take action on three items. First, the board approved a donation to SAISD of 100 copies of The King William Area: A History and Guide to the Houses by Mary V. Burkholder and Jessie N.M. Simpson. Second, the Board approved the appointment of Mel Laracey and Gloria Arecchi to the board of the King William Foundation (formed in 2017 to address TABC issues). Finally, the board approved the termination of the 50th anniversary committee.

The board heard from several members regarding two issues: funding of professional services and confusion over member voting rights at the June general membership meeting when members of the nominating committee were elected. The board will consider the funding issue when it approves the next budget. The board voted to establish a committee to make recommendations for clarifying and simplifying the bylaws.

The board also heard presentations from city staff regarding improvements to South Alamo Street and the repaving of neighborhood streets north of it. Tracy Moon provided the board with a multi-year overview of Fair and Association finances. Steward Bryant of Merrill Lynch provided a summary of the KWA investment account and potential loan management account (to be used to address the short-term cash flow needs of the Fair).

Our guest from the Lavaca Neighborhood Association was Selsa Adham Gonzalez.

This column is not intended to replace the official minutes.

- Rose Kanusky