As part of the ongoing San Pedro Creek Improvements Project, there is some planned construction taking place in the King William area at the bank of the San Antonio River.  The project requires the water level of the river to be temporarily lowered, which will also impact pedestrian access along the west bank of the river.  The San Antonio River Authority is working diligently to minimize the disruption to area residents and anticipates all construction in the area to be completed by the end of March. 

The San Antonio River Authority briefed the King William neighborhood on this work in during the KWA’s September 2017 neighborhood meeting, and will once again attend the February 7 meeting to provide a project update and answer questions.

Water and electrical utility work began in December 2017 in the Arsenal Street area, reducing Arsenal Street to one eastbound lane from Washington to S. Flores Street.  Beginning in mid-January, the San Antonio River Authority temporarily restricted water flow along the San Antonio River to install a pump station that will supply reuse water to San Pedro Creek. 

In order to accommodate construction, the pedestrian walkway along the west bank of the San Antonio River between Arsenal Street and Cesar Chavez Boulevard will be closed until early March. 

The water that will be diverted to San Pedro Creek is recycled water that will be used for irrigation and to supplement the flow of San Pedro Creek during low rain periods when the water level in the Edwards Aquifer drops below a certain point and the springs in San Pedro Park stop flowing. 

During construction, water levels in the San Antonio River will be approximately three inches at Nueva Street and will gradually increase to three feet at Alamo Street.  Prior to the start of construction, the San Antonio River Authority Environmental staff has taken precautions to properly relocate fish and native wildlife from the area, working in compliance with Texas Parks and Wildlife rules. 

Due to low water levels, recreational activities that typically take place on the river will not be possible in this segment during this brief period of construction.  The water levels will return to normal following construction.

- Abigail Bush, San Antonio River Authority