Villa Finale: Museum & Gardens, the final home of local preservationist Walter Nold Mathis and the only National Trust for Historic Preservation site in Texas, recently became the recipient of a generous grant from the King William Association.  This grant helps to ensure that Villa Finale’s educational series for children and families continues to thrive. 

Educational programming for children and families has become an incredibly important part of Villa Finale’s annual lineup, and incorporates a variety of activities for children and their families throughout the year, aligning with holidays and school breaks for maximum reach and participation. 

Villa Finale’s family programming has always been neighborhood-centric.  This is a natural fit, as Villa Finale was designed and preserved as a vital component of the King William neighborhood. We are committed to maintaining that close relationship with our neighbors.  An annual architectural scavenger hunt brings children from all over the city to our beautiful neighborhood.  This year’s hunt introduced a “mystery” twist and featured neighbor Anne Alexander in a starring role.  “A Spooktacular Halloween at Villa Finale” draws children and families all over the city to the neighborhood for an old-fashioned carnival, in the tradition of 19th century Halloween celebrations.  

The now-annual presentation of “A Christmas Carol” draws participation from talented neighbors (including director Diane Malone) and students from Bonham Academy.  The entire cast will be back for this year’s production!  And the “Junior Preservationist Workbook,” grant-funded by the King William Association, will be featured heavily in planned summer programming for 2018.

More than just a house museum, Villa Finale exists as a centerpiece of the neighborhood.  The staff and volunteers work to weave the story of Villa Finale into the fabric of the community, and to the greater preservation-minded community at large.  The KWA grant helps to ensure that future generations will continue to consider preservation not just an opportunity but a responsibility. 

We look forward to the coming year of dynamic family programming and to many years of continued partnership and collaboration with our neighbors in King William. 

- Farrah Varga
Marketing & Development Coordinator