Dear King William Friends,

Hopefully everyone is enjoying the cooler weather.  It’s always a great time to be in San Antonio as the summer heat gives way to the arrival of fall and its mild temperatures.  For many, this change in weather allows folks to enjoy the outdoors and take care of projects that were delayed until triple-digit temperatures became a distant memory. 

In this spirit, I am happy to announce the City of San Antonio’s Sidewalk Cost Sharing Program has been renewed and funded for the consecutive third year.  As people come out of their air-conditioned spaces and resume leisurely strolls in their neighborhoods, the maintenance of sidewalks becomes vitally important to ensure the safety of and ease of access for pedestrians while adding to the quality of life for our community. 

As I have looked in to how these matters can be addressed, conversations have been had between District 1 and the City’s Transportation and Capital Improvements (TCI) department as we examine how our city is built and how we can reduce costs for the people of San Antonio.  As a result of these discussions, TCI rolled out the Sidewalk Cost Sharing program two years ago.  It was well received city-wide, especially in District 1 where most of the funds were spent.  The program continued last year and again, the majority of the funds were spent in our district.  This program has been especially well used in King William.  The King William Association’s internal sidewalk repair program has allowed your community to help co-fund these repairs, and it is my hope that King William residents continue to lever your program with the City’s so more sidewalks can be repaired.

There will be an unprecedented investment in sidewalks over the next several years, thanks to both the passage of the 2017 Bond and the equity-lens based approach to the City budget this year.  With these dollars and perspective, District 1 will continue to look for creative ways to partner with TCI to solve what has been the number one asked by the citizens of San Antonio: “How can we have more and better sidewalks?” 

As we keep working on this, keep walking, King William!

- Roberto C. Treviño, Councilman - District 1