The 85th legislative Session was certainly challenging; however, our office had some victories, two of which I want to share with you here.

SB 725, also known as the Student Fairness in Feeding Act, was developed as a result of my visits with educators from all 55 public schools in my district.  No matter which school district, these educators identified chronic hunger of students as a problem, yet ripe, edible, and wrapped food was being thrown away daily.  Schools want to give their kids this food, but fear of violating policy kept them from doing so.  The bill permits schools to have an on-campus food pantry that allows schools to collect the food that would have previously been thrown away to give to their hungry children.  I will continue to fight for Texas children, especially those most vulnerable.

Another positive piece of legislation from the regular session is HB 658.  I received countless calls from folks in line to vote during the last presidential primary who had limited mobility or a medical condition.  The extensive wait in long lines in the Texas heat put their health at risk.  This bill allows election officials to escort these individuals to the front of the line so they can exercise their right to vote without risking their health. 

Our work is not over.  The Governor called a special session that began on July 18.  I will continue to fight for you and the issues that matter most. 

More soon,
Diego Bernal