Amols’, our iconic novelty and party store on S. Flores Street, will be moving a couple of miles up the road toward the Deco District soon, and owners Jeffrey and Maritza Weiss aren’t happy to go.  After 55 years at their current location, the decision to move is a very emotional one.  The neighborhood went through hard times, but Jeffrey’s grandfather, founder Julian Amols, stuck it out at the same address downtown.  Julian loved the central location with easy access to highways on both sides.  

“I grew up here – this is our home.  I have always worked here and we love this neighborhood and location,” said Jeffrey.  He grew up working with his grandfather and took over the business in 1991.

With the shortage of parking at the store, they spent time trying to find another location along Flores, but didn’t find the right mix of space and parking.  Amols' is moving to the intersection of Fredericksburg and Culebra Roads in the 5 Points neighborhood.  The exact moving date is not yet set, but the move should be complete by the end of the year, in time for the store’s New Year’s rush.  While they’ve been approached to sell their current building site, the family does not plan to sell, perhaps contemplating another purpose for it. 

Julian Amols founded his magic shop on N. St. Mary’s Street in 1949, then moved twice before buying and moving to the buildings on the corner of S. Flores and Arsenal in 1962.  Early in the life of his business, Amols’ was one of the largest bingo supply distributors in the country, and was a large supplier to carnivals, including carnival and casino games and novelties.  Today Amols’ is the place to buy themed party supplies, anything to decorate for any kind of party of holiday, including Fiesta; a large portion of their business is now online. 

- Shelley Galbraith