Short-term rentals (STR) is a hot topic in San Antonio and the State of Texas.  As stated in Rose Kanusky’s article last month, the KWA was instrumental in the 90s in the creation of San Antonio’s B&B ordinance. With the advent of the internet, marketing of houses or rooms for rent is on the rise.  The Texas Legislature has two bills pending regarding STRs; House Bill 2551 and Senate Bill 451.  Both bills basically limit a city’s regulatory authority over STRs. House Bill 2551 is currently “dead” in the Urban Affairs Committee.  Senate Bill 451 was approved was sent to the Urban Affairs committee to be voted on May 20.  

In April, KWA Board President Chris Price, wrote a letter to Representative Bernal and Senator Menendez explaining why the KWA opposes the bills.  First, the bill reduces the City of San Antonio’s “home rule” rights.  Second, the City of San Antonio already has a B&B ordinance.  Finally, the City of San Antonio is currently working with stakeholders to address Short Term Rentals.  

Based on citizen’s concerns, Councilman Gallagher, District 10, asked City staff to review Short Term Rentals.  The City has formed a task force to discuss the issue, of which I am a member.  However, the City has to wait on the State Legislation in order to determine their legal jurisdiction.  What actions the City can take are dependent on the wording of the State Bill.  

The KWA Board discussed the topic at the April 19 meeting and agreed that further action by KWA is also dependent upon the State bills.  KWA will continue to discuss this matter.  

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- Cherise Bell