Brackenridge High School, at the southern edge of the King William neighborhood on Eagleland Drive, is 100 years old this year. Since the KWA will celebrate its 50th year in 2017, it seems appropriate to tell something about the school that has been a part of that history.

The original three story red brick building was replaced by the present structure in the 1970s, and the campus expanded to take in about five blocks of homes on the edge of the neighborhood. A picture of the original school building is shown in full article. It was designed by well-known architect Alfred Giles.

The school was named for George Washington Brackenridge, born in Warwich County, Indiana. At the end of the Civil War, Brackenridge moved to San Antonio where he started the San Antonio National Bank. In addition, he was president of the San Antonio Water Works, director of the...

San Antonio Express, and served for a time as president of the San Antonio School Board. He also gifted the land for present day Brackenridge Park to the City. He died in 1920.

Through the years thousands of students have graduated from Brack, and its football team was State champion in 1947 and 1963. To me, the King William neighborhood has always seemed to be like a small town within a large city.

In researching for this article I was surprised to find that there are 10 neighbors on Mission Street that are graduates. The top picture is of seven of them. They graduated between 1962 and 1975.

- Alan Cash