Winter Highlights Well, the election is over and the matter of the next occupant of the nation’s White House has been determined. And finally, after six long years, the Bonham White House has moved to Pereida St. If you look back through my articles over the past four years, you may see several references to it. It has been p r o m - ised to be moved s e v e r a l times. As a historical building, it was important to keep the house i n t a c t , but our children need room to play and grow. The solution: move it down the block to the intersection of Cedar and Pereida. As many have noticed, the old Children’s Shelter building is gone and a townhome center is under construction in its place.

Bonham Academy Winter Festival

Bonham Academy is gointo host its Winter Festival on December 9. Over 200 Bonham students, family members and staff are expected to take part in the festivities. Money collected from the sale of food and drinks will be used to...

support the PTA’s efforts to provide field trips, extracurricular activities and other school-based art opportunities in dance, theatre and cultural appreciation. In keeping with our school’s commitment to celebrating the cultural heritage of our community, this year’s event will incorporate themes from a variety winter holiday customs. There will also be performances by Bonham’s Folclórico dancers and games.

SAISD Dual Language Committee

The SAISD Bilingual/ESL/Dual Language Department is sponsoring regular committee meetings to support and develop programs throughout the district. Twain Middle School is set to become a Dual Language Academy for the 2017-18 school year, and will have Pre-K through 2nd Grade c l a s s e s taught in both lang u a g e s using the dual lang u a g e m o d e l . H e r f f Elementary has also restar ted its duall anguage program. Bonham’s dual language program, the first in San Antonio, began in 1995 and is one of the longest-lasting in the state. Our teachers are excited about the prospects for gaining more bilingual, biliterate and bicultural students.

Family Reading Night

PTA and Family Reading Night will be December 13. This is a tradition at Bonham where children and their parents come together to share hot chocolate and winter celebration stories from around the world. Early in my teaching career, my wife asked me if I knew any stories that would fit into the celebration for winter. I recommended the old Russian folktale “The Little Match Girl.” As with much Russian literature, it does not have a happy ending. She was very cross with me for several weeks after that, so now I stick to the more upbeat stories.

The winter school break will soon be upon us. I wish each of you the best of the season from all of us at Bonham Academy, and, as always, thanks for your support of our neighborhood school. - Principal William Webber