You have probably seen some flags flying on a lot of the old houses in King William and perhaps you wondered, what’s the story about these flags? The flag is blue and orange and yellow and has 100 printed on it. I talked to Mike Schroeder, KW resident and architect, who designed the flag in 1991, which was the 100th year of San Antonio’s Fiesta Celebration.

Since 1968, the King William Fair has been a part of the annual Fiesta occurring each April. Dee Dee Polk was the Fair Chairperson in 1991. She and her committee thought it would be a good idea for KWA to honor the 100-year tradition of Fiesta. Someone suggested a flag and Dee Dee approached Mike about creating a design. He made some sketches incorporating elements and colors that would be eye-catching.

The resulting design has a suggestion of unfolding panels...

There is blue to depict the San Antonio River and the number 100, along with an embedded K and W in the design. Mike also incorporated his design into a medal and a T-shirt. Dee Dee credits Mike with doing a beautiful job of staging aspects of the Fair under one artistic umbrella.

After the Fair, the flags were to be hung on homes that were 100 or more years old. However, the flag was popular, and it was suggested that if your home did not qualify, you could hang the flag backwards! The flag continued to be made in the years since with occasional small changes in the design, and is still available for purchase at the KWA office for $75.

Now the King William Association is approaching the 50th anniversary of its inception in 1967. The 50th Anniversary Team, under the leadership of Andrea Almond, has requested that Mike design a banner to mark the occasion. The resulting banner will include the colors and elements from the 100 Year Flag. It will be narrower than the original flag and can stand alone or be hung over the center of the old flag. Design elements include the Alamo profile, the KW Park Gazebo, the San Antonio River, Presa Street and 50 YEARS. The new banner is to make its debut during the Home Tour and Holiday Fair on December 3. - Nora Peterson