Frequently Asked Questions 

Q – I have paid KWA membership dues before.  Doesn’t this last a lifetime?

A – You must renew your membership every year.  KWA membership runs from September 1 to August 31 (not the calendar year). 


Q – I just paid my full KWA dues in April before the Fair (I wanted to get my free wristbands).  Why do I have to renew now? 

A – Sorry, you just paid the full price of membership for just about one-third of the membership year.  You could have enjoyed a whole year of membership benefits (including your free wristbands). 

Q – Too complicated!  How do I keep up with this? 

A – Look at the membership card you received when you joined – there is an expiration date on it.  We also remind you in the newsletter (like this one) and in e-blasts.  And a new membership card is mailed to you every year – as long as you renew your membership. 

Q – I joined early last membership year – sometime in early October, I think.  But my name and address were not in the Membership Directory.  What’s with that? 

A – You must renew your membership by October 1 to be listed in the directory.  We must have a cut-off date in order to have time to print and mail the directories. 

Q – I hate mailing in dues and who does that anymore, anyway?  This is the 21st century!  And it is too hot now to walk down to the KWA office.  And gas is too high to drive there.  Why do you make membership so complicated? 

A – You mentioned a new century!  Welcome.  You can now renew your membership ONLINE.

Q – So, I know I get free wristbands for the KW Fair if I am a KWA member, but what else is in it for me?

A – Glad you asked:

  • You can stay engaged and informed on issues that affect our neighborhood through committee/board memberships, newsletters, e-blasts and general membership socials.
  • You will have lots of opportunities to contribute your talents for volunteer work in the ’hood – it really is fun!  
  • You get to brag to your friends about being a supporter of the arts, education and community programs that preserve and maintain our historic, diverse and residential neighborhood.
  • You get membership discounts on KW Fair merchandise.
  • You get discounts from many restaurants and businesses in the ’hood just by showing that little membership card. 
  • And yes, every KWA member gets two free Fair wristbands!

- Annice Hill, Membership Chair