Sustainable.  Green.  Net zero.  EnergyStar.  LED.  These are the buzzwords of late.  Daily we are becoming more and more familiar with the lingo of our time, but most of us truly have no idea what any of these things mean, or how we as individuals can make our own little corner of the world work better for us, our wallets, our families, our homes and our communities.  How can each of us contribute, lessening our own carbon footprint and saving our hard-earned money? 

The good news is this: there are many ways that we can make our homes and businesses more sustainable and energy efficient, and many of them come with rebates and tax incentives attached to help ease the burden of investment.  

One great way to save big on energy costs is insulation.  Spray foam insulation in your attic can trim up to 30% off of your energy bill, and CPS offers a rebate for this.

Solar heat blocking window film is another great product that helps cut energy costs and leads to a more comfortable environment.  Window film technology has recently advanced to the point where up to 70% of heat gain can be blocked from entering a building and 99% of IR and UV rays are also blocked, drastically reducing fading and glare issues.  

By switching out old, inefficient light bulbs to new technologies such as LED lighting, you can really save big on your energy bills.  CPS offers a rebate for commercial customers of up to 60% should they decide to invest now in upgrading to the new lighting technologies. 

 Rainwater catchment systems have also gained a following here in Central Texas.  While our water is relatively inexpensive compared to other areas in the United States, the cost of water is rising rapidly.  Solar attic fans, skylights and draft and sound blocking window inserts are available to further make your property more energy efficient.  

There are many things that we as owners and stewards of historic properties can do to stay current with the new energy technologies while maintaining the exterior historic character and integrity of our houses – which is exactly the reason most of us decided to call King William home! 

- Shelbi Jary
King William neighbor (and yes, Marketing Representative for Sustain)