Anne Alexander moved to King William in 2003 but has volunteered for the King William Assoc-iation since the 1980s.  She actually met her husband, Jack Pancoast, when both of them volunteered for the Home Tour at the same time.  Anne has served as the King William Home Tour Chair too many times to count.  

A long-time volunteer, Anne started as a teenager joining her mother.  Her funniest volunteer experience was hand painting roman soldiers gold for the Opera “Aida.”  “We had to paint their legs, up to the skirt line, their ears and toes, any exposed skin,” Anne said.  

A favorite volunteer memory is when former Mayor Lila Cockrell asked Anne to have a squirrel mascot created then wear it.  Cockrell wanted someone short so children would feel comfortable to have their pictures taken with the mascot.  Anne was the first mascot ever for the San Antonio Parks Foundation and wore the uniform proudly for three years. 

Anne currently serves on the KWA Board, the Architectural Advisory Committee and the Cultural Arts Committee, and was the chair for the 2015 Yard Sale.  She also is currently volunteering at the San Antonio Conservation Society.  A big thank you to Anne for all she does for our community! 

- Cherise Bell