I have discovered that volunteers are a shy group when it comes to putting their names in print.  In this article I name individuals who are currently serving on various committees, often for many years, which keep the King William Association running.  In no particular order and please forgive me if I forget to name you. 


  • Concerts in the Park: Ethel Pedraza and past Chair Janis de Lara 
  • Cultural Arts Committee: Molly Shafer, Susan Athené, Sherry Hess, Ethel Pedraza, Nora Peterson and Anne Alexander
  • Socials: Patty Duarte and Bradley Toland
  • Newsletter Committee: Susan Athené, Alan Cash and Bill Cogburn
  • Newsletter Labeling Team: Gretchen Haynes, Mary Ann Ohlenbusch, Nora Peterson, Anne Alexander and Carmen Van Meter
  • Publicity Committee: Nora Peterson
  • Ad Hoc Parking & Transportation Committee: Rose Kanusky (Chair), Christine Viña, Tom Hogg and Lavaca Neighbors Jeff McPherson, Miles Donnelly and Al Rendon
  • Architectural Advisory Committee: Mickey Conrad (Chair), Pat Conroy, Anne Alexander, Maria Pfeiffer, Christine Viña and Gary Woods; past Chair Jack Kent 
  • Finance Committee: Beth Davis, Alan Cash, Deb Mueller, Chris Price, Joe Van Meter and Brad Shaw
  • Sidewalk Committee: Fred Pfeiffer
  • Pedro Huizar Park Ad Hoc Committee: Curtis Johnson (Chair), Sherry Hess and Ethel Pedraza 
  • Membership Committee: Annice Hill (Chair) and Jessie Simpson
  • Graffiti Committee: Nadine Johnson
  • KWA/Lavaca Tree Beautification:  Alan Cash and Mary Ann Ohlenbusch
  • King William Fair Volunteers - too numerous to mention!  I will highlight them another time. 

A big thank you to all our volunteers!  Your years of dedication are important assets to the Association.  

- Cherise Bell