So far we have been singing the praises of our long-time volunteers, but we are lucky to have kids in our neighborhood who also volunteer.

Nico asked his mom, Maureen, if he could help with the 2014 King William home tour. Nico was handed a script and greeted guests on the front porch at 241 King William. Not an easy assignment as the front porch volunteer had to check tickets, provide information and monitor traffic flow.

Jared is seen at many KWA socials and meetings. You may not have known that he helps set up and breakdown these events, moving chairs, loading and unloading his mom’s car. Jared is not only helping his mom out as the KWA Social Chair, he is accumulating hours needed to get his Boy Scout merit badge.

Sometimes parents will call the KWA office looking for volunteer work for their kids to complete school requirements or to gain experience in the work environment. We had three such students this summer: Trinity, AJ and Cassandra.

Trinity scanned Fair documents to make room in the file cabinets for future Fair paperwork. This task also helps the KWA stay in compliance with document retention regulations. AJ helped increase our digital library of house histories by typing histories from the Burkholder books. This work helps staff provide information quickly to property owners and/or the public who may be researching a house. Cassandra scanned the KWA newsletters from 1967 to 1985. She then created a database denoting common subject matters and what month/year the article was written. This index will help staff locate information easier. Cassandra said, “I feel I know more about what to do and what I want to do in the future. It was great to work at the King William office because you get to be part of the history.”

- Cherise Bell