In 2010, two neighborhood families created a group on Facebook known as the King William Area Kids, or KWAKs. The goal was to connect families living in the King William, Lavaca, Southtown and SoFlo neighborhoods. Its inaugural event was a get-together at Chris Park for splash and play time.

Since then, the KWAKs group has grown to include over 120 folks. We have enjoyed many activities, including pumpkin carving, a pool party, a book swap, hiking and biking on the riverwalk, a campout, Christmas cookie decorating, and coordinating the kids' float for the King William Fair Parade.
KWAKs' most recent event took place on March 30 at the Upper Mill Park, when over 50 children and their parents gathered for the Annual Easter Egg Hunt. Kids scrambled for over 1,000 eggs, cuddled three live bunnies and enjoyed snacks and drinks.

In addition to coordinating activities geared around children, KWAKs shares information on other kid-friendly events around town and swaps strollers, car seats and play equipment when kids outgrow them. It has become a wonderful resource for our neighborhood.

A common misconception is that KWAKs is part of the King William Association. While the two share some members, KWAKs is independent of the KWA, and is free and open to any and all families in the area.  Check out the KWAKs Facebook page at

If that doesn't work, please send an email to Michael Taylor at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and he will invite you via email!  And, if you have an idea for a KWAKs activity, just post an event on the KWAKs Facebook page.  Many of your neighbors are sure to join you!

- Deb Mueller