When the U.S. Army declared the arsenal surplus property at the end of WWII, civic and business leaders saw an opportunity to negotiate to acquire the use of the buildings and grounds and to provide better connections for the south side to downtown. A proposal published in the San Antonio Light in December 1946 showed both Main and Dwyer extending through the property, together with Martinez extending east-west a bit south of today’s Cesar Chavez Blvd. Other news articles of the time showed the keen interest in these proposals:

Thoroughfare Recommended Through Arsenal Property – The city should go on record now for right of way through the Arsenal property, now declared surplus by the Army, [Fire and Police] Commissioner P.L. Anderson said Wednesday. The Arsenal has long blocked the opening on an efficient thoroughfare to serve the South Side, he said.” - San Antonio Light, December 19, 1946

Kilday Okehs Artery Plan – In a letter to Mayor Alfred Callaghan Saturday, Congressman Paul Kilday said he was in complete accord with the mayor’s desire to open Main avenue through the San Antonio arsenal property and provide another South side artery.
“Callaghan said he had little interest in who gets the property, so long as the city is able to cut thr

ough a street.” - San Antonio Light, June 15, 1947

Main Avenue Opening Sought – J. Arthur Clark, chairman of the South Siders, Tuesday urged all residents of that section of San Antonio to petition Mayor Alfred Callaghan for the immediate opening o

f Main avenue through the San Antonio arsenal property.

“Clark said the project was started 25 years ago, adding: ‘We can not sit idly by and pass up the first real chance of opening up such vital arteries as Main avenue and Dwyer avenue for the relief of traffic to the South Side. The traffic conditions on South Flores and South St. Mary’s streets are deplorable.’” - San Antonio Light, June 17, 1947

- Susan Athené