With the weather turning warmer, people are heading outside to enjoy the outdoors. The San Antonio River Foundation aimed to make this more comfortable by installing two art benches along the Mission Reach section of the San Antonio River Walk to offer walkers and cyclists resting points. The benches also offer enticing aesthetic designs by local artists who have each put their own stamps on the benches.

Anita Valencia enjoys using recycled materials in her work, and has a penchant for butterflies. Find her brightly colored bench featuring butterfly shapes made from soda and beer cans, appropriately located at the Lone Star Overlook near the recycling bins, just south of Lone Star Boulevard on the bank opposite Roosevelt Park.

Riley Robinson’s bench harkens to the early name of the San Antonio River: Yanaguana. The shade structure over the bench casts a shadow displaying this original name. Located near Mission Parkway, just south of the Espada Dam low-water crossing on the west bank, this bench provides respite from summer sun.

The San Antonio River Foundation has plans for more benches, so stay tuned!
The San Antonio River Foundation is a nonprofit organization that was created by the San Antonio River Authority to provide amenities and enhancements along the San Antonio River that are not funded by public monies. To learn more about the San Antonio River Foundation, please visit www.sariverfoundation.org.

- Celeste Derozier, San Antonio River Foundation