As you've likely noticed, there’s a lot of construction going on in our neighborhood – and not just the interminable work on S. Alamo! While this is generally a good thing, sometimes your construction project (not to mention your leaf blowers!) can be disturbing to your neighbors, especially early mornings, weekends and evenings.

The KWA office has had inquiries from residents about noise nuisances. According to the Noise Ordinance, the nighttime and weekend noise level should not exceed 80dBA.  The Noise Ordinance is enforced by City Police.  If you’re exasperated by excessive noise, you can call the SAPD non-emergency number: 207-7273.

Excerpts from the City Code:

Noise nuisance shall mean any loud, irritating, vexing or disturbing sound originating from a nearby property under separate ownership which causes injury, discomfort, or distress of a person of reasonable nervous sensibilities, or any sound that exceeds the maximum permitted sound levels specified in subsections 21-52(a) (6)(b), (9)—(12), and 21-60(b).
Daytime/evening shall mean the hours between six o’clock a.m. and ten o’clock p.m., Sunday through Thursday and six o’clock a.m. and eleven o’clock p.m. Friday and Saturday.

Sec. 21-52. Noise nuisance enumeration.

(a) The following acts, among others not hereinafter enumerated, are declared to be “noise nuisances,” and are unlawful and in violation of the provisions of this division when such acts are done or accomplished or carried on in such a manner, or with such volume, intensity, or with continued duration, so as to annoy, to distress, or to disturb the quiet, comfort, or repose of a person of reasonable nervous sensibilities, within the vicinity or hearing thereof, or so as to endanger or injure the safety or health of humans or animals, or so as to interfere with the physical well being of humans or animals, or so as to endanger or injure personal or real property:

(6) The erection, including construction, excavation, demolition, alteration, or repair work, or the permitting or causing thereof, of any building or other structure, or the operation or the permitting or causing the operation of any tools or equipment used in construction, excavation, drilling, demolition, alteration or repair work:

a. Other than during the daytime on week days; or
b. At any time such that the sound level at or across a real property boundary exceeds 80dBA.
c. This section shall not apply in cases of urgent necessity in the interest of public safety, or in cases of public convenience, including city sponsored or co-sponsored fiestas, parades, and public events.

Please consider your neighbors’ peace and quiet, as you would want them to consider yours.