Annice Hill and her husband of 45 years, Keith, used to live in a gated community where they did not even know their neighbors.  Having just completed a house remodel, Keith came home one day and announced he would like to live a more urban lifestyle like walking or biking to a restaurant.  Stunned at first, Annice thought, why not!  Their search led them to King William in 2009.  Within a short amount of time of moving into the St. Benedict’s Lofts, they joined the association as a way to keep up with happenings in the neighborhood and to meet their neighbors.  

While reading the KWA newsletter, Annice saw an advertisement seeking a volunteer for the Fair Food Chair.  As a mother, grandmother, food enthusiast and former catering business owner, Annice knew she was the right person for the position and that she could get her new friend and neighbor, Ginger Ardid, to volunteer with her as co-chairs.  From 2009 to 2014 the “Spice Girls” handled the food booths for the Fair.  Annice had to go it alone in 2015, but said, “Volunteering is lots of work but very rewarding; my happiest moments are when I am thinking of others.” 

Volunteering doesn’t stop with the Fair.  When asked to be on the KWA Board in 2013, Annice was glad to contribute her time.  As a renter she represents an important part of our community.  She said, “There are a lot of renters in the ’hood, even in some of the big houses.  I love the hood and want to contribute.”  She is also the KWA Membership Chair and initiated the Business Sponsor discounts which members enjoy with our local businesses.  Through the years Annice has joined many clubs following her interests of gardening, embroidery, needlepoint, golf, plus the PTA when her children were young.  She often held leadership positions and would help with fundraising.  Annice brings positive energy and expertise into the King William Association. 

- Cherise Bell